artist statement

I have always communicated through story telling. Finding the act of painting a sensual medium, I work to transform paper or canvas into a conduit that follows a stream of consciousness. Candidly penetrating personal life, all of my subjects convey a range of intense emotions. ‘Art is not self-evident’: my goal is for people to relate on their own terms.

Painting by instinct, my techniques are not formulaic. There are no rules to be broken except for those I create. Shading and and details occur organically as my vision takes shape. Often I experiment with texture by the use of broken jewelry, beads and sequins.

Recently, I accepted a personal challenge to forgo a rainbow palette for a monochromatic look. These series’ which includes “Burlesque”, “Portraits” and “Barely There” explore a contemplative message of pain, disappointment, renewal and self-reflection. The limited pigments stretch my abilities to convey a story or message.