Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self Reliance Prompt #1

OK, so I love a challenge! I especially like it when they take me to a deeper self actualization. Today I got a notification about Self Reliance commitment where you write something different each day for one month, and thought it sounded like fun (maybe I am crazy for the thought). Once written, you can share your post via twitter #Trust30. If I can do it, so can you!

The first prompt was:

We are afraid of truth, afraid of fortune, afraid of death, and afraid of each other. Our age yields no great and perfect persons. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You just discovered you have fifteen minutes to live.

1. Set a timer for fifteen minutes.
2. Write the story that has to be written.

(Author: Gwen Bell)

Is it a fast 15 or a slow 15?

I wonder how long 15 minutes feels when you know that they will be your last minutes ever? When I am in line at the grocery store, 15 minutes feels like an eternity. Would I hold my breath and try to think of a way to escape my fate, or embrace the moment with open arms?

In Greek tragedy (can anyone say Oedipus?) you make things worse by trying to avoid your fate. It still happens the same, only you are more miserable for it. Hubris is not one of my qualities weaknesses, so I would go with acceptance of the 15 minutes and try to cram as much into them as possible.

For me, 15 minutes would not be enough time to tie up all loose ends, so I would want to  surround myself with people I love. My husband Robert and my kids Avery and Sam would be the first on my list to have near me at the end. I tend to think about them before myself, so it would really be so that they could say goodbye to me more than the other way around.

Kick the bucket-list (ha-ha)

Creating a bucket-list of things I want to do before dying may be a good idea. I would hate to miss anything important before the 15 minutes are over. Here is a quick list of things I want to experience before dying.

  1. Play Prince, 1999 over and over again until time is up. We should all party like it’s 1999!
  2. Have the perfect kiss. I don’t know if it exists, but I would like to find out.
  3. Take family pictures. Yeah I know this sounds weird. I have been married for nearly 15 years and have no professional pictures taken of the 4 of us
  4. Participate in a Skype call with friends. I still haven’t figured out how to effectively use Skype and would love to get it right at least once.
  5. Straighten my hair. I look better when my hair has been flat-ironed and don’t want to die looking like a mess.

In reality, I don’t know what I would do or say. I am sure that I would cry because Robert often tells me that I cry at the opening of a door. Well, it is probably not as bad as that, but the tears do run freely and often. It is better to live as if I realize I can go at any moment, but that moment is not now or in 15 minutes (I hope).

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