Miriam Gomberg

You need to die while you are still pretty

me and my baby girl looking pretty good together

What makes someone attractive? Is it physical appearance, money, intelligence, a wicked sense of humor or having all of your teeth? What I find appealing is relative and is probably different from your vision of beauty.

How long will pretty last?

At what point does pretty morph into pretty bad? I think it is when you give up on yourself pretending that it doesn’t matter. It can also become pretty ugly when you start trying too hard to hold onto a part of your life that is never coming back.

I have seen way too many women my age attempting to look like teenagers. In reality, they are not fooling anyone. Instead, they give an impression of being decrepit and somewhat desperate.

This can also be said for men. Aging 80’s rock stars I once thought were incredibly handsome, now look ridiculous. Whenever I see one of those “where are they now” shows where the star disappeared years ago, I feel they might have been better off had they stayed hidden. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is when one of my teen heart throb idols becomes a paunchy oldie moldy version of his former self.

Pretty is as pretty does…

Pretty can last a lifetime when you embrace yourself no matter your age, weight or how much money you have (to pay for elective plastic surgeries, skin care, health/wellness, etc.)

Beauty is about confidence and eye contact. If you walk into a room with a commanding presence, knowing you are the hottest thing there, you are! Talk about bringing sexy back.

Let’s face it, mortality creeps up on all of us at some point. Next month I will be celebrating my 45th birthday. Other than the occasional emergence of gray hair, I have been relatively untouched by the ravages of time.

Although she looks a lot like me, you would not mistake me for my 21 year old daughter. True that I feel too young to be her mother, I still can’t don’t dress in her clothes. I’m not ready to let go of pretty, nor do I feel the need to give it up.

What makes you feel pretty? Are you overly concerned with how others perceive you or do you find beauty from within? I don’t know about you but I intend to stay pretty until I die, and I’m not planning on going anywhere for a long long time.

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6 thoughts on “You need to die while you are still pretty

  1. You are so right, beauty is as beauty does. You and Avery both look fabulous in your own ways.

    • Thanks Pam! You don’t need anyone’s permission to be pretty. It should come from within. Avery not only looks fabulous, but she is amazing through and through. Thanks for stopping by 😀 Miriam

  2. You look fantastic together.. I love the title of your post and like Judge Judy used to say, beauty fades, stupid is forever… 😉

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