VLOG: the curly/straight dilemma

Fixing hair makes me crazy! You would think that after having it my whole life, it would be a cinch to style (ha! don’t I wish?). Throughout the past 45 years, it has gone between curly and kinda straight. Whatever it decides to do (my hair has a life all it’s own), it is not usually what I ask of it. How do I get past the curly/straight dilemma

Debbie the miracle worker

The only time I rely on a beautiful coif is after a visit to my good friend and hairstylist Debbie Moss Her magic touch turns tresses into gold. I’m not sure how she transforms my frizzy monstrous mess, but she never fails.

the real reason I’m growing my hair long

One may wonder why I don’t just keep my hair short enough that the curl wont become a nuisance. Typically by the time it touches my shoulders, I am certifiably bonkers. I guess it is time for a confession of sorts.

insert sad music here… In my mind, mermaids should have long hair (there, I said it). I don’t particularly like stereo types and often go out of my way to avoid them. However, as a fledgling mermaid, I wore a wig that itched like mad and gave me head sweats. Yuck!

suck it up time

I am hoping that the longer my hair gets, the more curl will be pulled out. If I’m styling it myself (it is never quite as perfect) my technique is improving. In the above VLOG, I ask for your help in fixing a hairdo.

Please share your own hair dilemma tales with me. Also if you have found a way to tame the frizz on a regular basis, feel free to share that too.

This post was inspired by the weekly VLOG prompt provided by Mama’s Losin’ It. Thank you  Mama Kat for your continued inspiration.

7 thoughts on “VLOG: the curly/straight dilemma

  1. eof737 says:

    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you! .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥
    I wear my hear in a bun now so I won’t deal with the stress.


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