Miriam Gomberg

6 things I love about Kelli

Kelli and I receive our graduate degrees on the same day

This week’s Vlog prompt from Mama’s Losin’ It: 6 things I love about my valentine. I am blessed with a wonderful family and terrific friends. Kelli and I have been besties for about 12 years now and I can’t imagine my life without her.

all kidding aside

Kelli never judges me when I turn up on her doorstep sobbing. True, I cry often, but when the tears are most bitter, Kelli is always there to lend me a shoulder. Through the years we have seen good times and bad. Celebrated our birthdays (too many) as well our children’s.

On Jewish holidays our group of friends gathers at Kelli’s house for celebrating. She makes the most amazing food and her good cheer welcomes us all. It is because of Kelli, I look forward to these holidays.

I feel fortunate to call Kelli my friend. I love you. xoxoxoxox

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8 thoughts on “6 things I love about Kelli

  1. I loved how you had Kelli make the vlog with you! How awesome to have such a great friend! I’m thinking I need to move next door to you. Seriously.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • miriamgomberg on said:

      Ginny, I think the house next door is for sale! Kelli and I go way back and there is not much I wouldn’t share with her. Thanks for stopping By. M

  2. I have a best friend Kelly (with a y) that I have been friends with for almost 30 years.
    I think it was great you did the vlog together too.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    ~Naila Moon

    • miriamgomberg on said:

      It was a lot of fun making the vlog with Kelli. She is so awesome and I love her dearly. BTW, she really does dance on tables at birthday parties. M

  3. Gah, I got my video on your page again. How does that happen? Sorry!

  4. To have such a friend is a great gift. You are blessed! 😉

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