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that is so last year

Mama Kat’s weekly writing prompt. 4.) Look into your archives. What were you blogging about a year ago around this time? Are you still dealing with the same thing? Your thoughts?

last yesr at GTC. wow my hair was short and brown.

last yesr at GTC. wow my hair was short and brown.

what was different in 2012

April 2012 was not a super productive blogging month for me. Usually striving for 2-3 posts per week, I fell way short at only 4 for the month. Remaining consistent helps me stay balanced. If I can’t rant in writing and spew it out for the world to see, it just stays bottled up inside and festers.

December 2011 I graduated with an MBA after what seemed like an eternity of studying, writing papers, and going to classes. Between the hectic school schedule and work, I barely had time for anything else. I would daydream of the day I could lounge leisurely.

That daydream kinda became a nightmare as I do much better in general when busy. There is no time to wallow in boredom and/or self-pity. Floundering like a fish out of water, I discovered the joy of being a mermaid early in the year. Hmm… Maybe boredom can spawn something exciting after all.

what did I post about?

As mentioned, I wrote scant few posts last April so it was quick looking through the archives.

  • don’t look for easy, look for possible  I still really like this post. Last year when I  attended the Global Training Conference for Arbonne, I was energized and motivated like never before. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year’s conference and I hope to return next year.
  • How to  SpreeCast on your blog with Screaming Sirens Mimi Lobster Queen and Mother of all Mermaids  I think the titlle says it all. Last year I discovered the new SoMe platform called SpreeCast which is like a mix of YouTube, Skype and GoToMeeting. Also, I really miss my spree buddy Pam (mother of all mermaids). I haven’t spree’d in months now and really should more than consider picking it up again. Ya know, mermaid season is upon us.
  • Last minute Spreecast girl chat at Starbucks. Just another excuse to get on camera for a midday spree. I really do love being on camera. Now I tend to spend more time doing Vlogs that I can edit till the cows come home. (do cows know where home is?)
  • Are you a vamp or a diva? I am definitely a vamp. Embracing my sexy zebra princess, mermaid, angel is way more fun than being a wall flower. Pam, Cate and I were attempting to start a mermaid camp for other vamps  but life got in the way and we held off. Maybe this is the year for mermaid camp to begin.

is it really so last year?

Admittedly, I deal with many of the same topics as last year. Looking back in the archives made me realize that I should try SpreeCast again. I’m not sure why I stopped doing it except that I took a turn down a different stream of consciousness for a while. The good news is the platform has had a year to develop and is probably way more fun now than before.

The whole vamp/diva thing hasn’t changed for me at all. My list of attributes keeps getting longer but vamp is still way at the top of the list. Who knows how many more descriptive words can follow my name? As long as I can type it, I can add it.

Were you blogging last year? If so, what do you find in your archives from last year? Does it still feel relevant or completely dated and so last year? Share your favorite posts or just a quote (if you prefer) from last spring. See how much personal growth you have achieved.

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8 thoughts on “that is so last year

  1. Careful with Spreecast. My friend just lost a lot of work with them. Actually, I lost a few things, too. LOVED them ’til that happened. 😦

    Great post. Visiting from TALU

    • miriamgomberg on said:

      Curious? What did you and your friend lose there? Haven’t been back in months and was considering it but maybe its not such a good idea. Thanks for stopping by. M

  2. I do best when busy, also.

    I read your post don’t look for easy, look for possible, and enjoyed it. I don’t look for easy because easy most of the time turns out to not be as valuable. Just a little effort will make all the difference. Being above average really doesn’t require that much work.

    After all, who wants to be average?

    • miriamgomberg on said:

      Exactly! Average will only get you so far. I would rather be extraordinary. Thanks so much for stopping by!! M

  3. Hmm…didn’t have a blog a year ago. So what’s different? What personal growth can I find? Well, a year ago, we did not yet know that the Hub’s job was going to be eliminated. We’ve learned how to plow through that day by day, not let it overwhelm us or our daughter, and not let it define us. It’s been a wild ride.

  4. Interesting subject and one I couldn’t even begin to respond to. This year is a mirage.. 🙂

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