Mimi the ice dancing mermaid

2.) If you had to choose a sport to compete in the Winter Olympics, which sport would you choose and why?

How do you feel about televised sports? I am not a big sports fan. My favorite teams are based on location rather than skill (San Francisco is my favorite city ever). When the big game is on, I am either working, blogging, or doing something completely unrelated.

For some unknown reason (maybe you can figure it out for me) all that changes during the Olympics. Go figure. Suddenly, I am interested in watching different athletic events.

A few nights ago I even watched a curling match. Curling?? Really?? Who thought it was a good idea to slide a giant stone on ice and push brooms to influence where it lands. Wow! Now that is excitement.

my kind of sport

When I thought about this week’s writing prompt from Mama Kat, I was at a loss. I ski (except not this year but that is another story), cycle and go to the gym for fun and recreation. I’m not great at team sports which leaves out hockey and don’t see myself in a bobsled (looks scary).

This was harder than I thought it would be. Which sport combines feats of athleticism with something I truly love and enjoy? I adore anything related to costumes, music and dancing. Hmmmmmmmm…..

ice dancing burlesque?
ice dancing burlesque?

welcome ice dancing

After considering figure skating for about a minute, I realized I don’t like jumping. Maybe I could be the girl who goes after a performance and picks up flowers tossed on the rink by adoring fans. Nah. I don’t think there is a competition to see who can scoop up the most flowers in the shortest time.

Figure skating costumes are pretty but not as fabulous as those worn by ice dancers. Sequins, beads, tulle and chiffon all beckon. If you listen closely there is a faint whisper chanting Mimi whenever ice dancing commences.

I don’t like the idea of being lifted into the air, but I could bear it if I was bedazzled in sparkles. The glammier the costume, the happier I would be. Stage makeup with added glitz is an extra bonus as well.

what about the dancing part?

The only downside to ice dancing would be the actual dancing part. I am totally awkward on skates and I’m afraid of falling. How could I get around that part?

I learned to follow choreography in burlesque, so I am trainable. Maybe I could dance on the ice with a boa. Props would help hide the fact that I don’t know how to skate.  If When I tripped over a boa or pair of discarded gloves I could say it was part of the show.

it’s my dream

If it is my dream, then I get to play by my rules (sorta). Adoring fans would throw roses at my feet as I glided past in my sparkly mermaid ice dancing costume. I can visualize the trail of glitter in my wake.

I wonder if anyone else skates while dressed like a mermaid? It could be my shtick. A tail would definitely make me remarkable on ice.

What is your Olympic dream sport? Could you see yourself graceful and sparkly like me? Maybe you would be a freestyle skier who artfully jumps twists and lands on the snow without falling on your ass. Share your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Mimi the ice dancing mermaid

  1. Dawn aka BusyMom says:

    OMG! Saw this link on Mama kat’s and I had to respond… Love the Mermaid aspect for Ice Dancing… I mean what better way to make a statement than some burly-q moves on ice in a costume to rival a Vegas showgirl? That I would see in person!
    And CURLING is my sport…or it would be if I knew how… and I didn’t have a bad knee…and lived closer to a curling center… other than that- I am so TEAM CURLING!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Dawn, thanks so much for responding! If I can curl in a mermaid tail, I could do it. That might actually work. Who needs a broom when you can sweep the stone with a fluke? I’m willing to try anything once.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Actually, my daughter Avery went to Disney Princesses on Ice a few years ago with a few of her sorority sisters. I don’t think people would buy me being 16 like Ariel but maybe I could play her older sister. 😀


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