Miriam Gomberg

#Iheartfall YouTube tag thing

Linking up to Mama Kat’s weekly Vlog prompt: 3.) I Heart Fall YouTube Tag. I don’t usually go for the long questionnaire type things but as I love a good challenge, this one fit the bill.


What do you love about fall? Do you have a hat that is even half as awesome as bubblicious? Probably not, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a cool costume.

If you are interested, join me in the I heart fall tag. Woot!

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2 thoughts on “#Iheartfall YouTube tag thing

  1. That Bubbalicious hat is perfect! I need one in my life. It sounds like Fall might not be your very favorite season…just a hunch. 😉

    • My friend made bubbalicious and I’m sure would be happy to create one in your favorite color. Fall isn’t so bad in that I get to wear boots and sweaters. Definitely more of a spring girl tho. M

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