Streams of consciousness…reflections and projections

I am a teller of tales and a writer of stories. These stories are outlets that follow my streams of consciousness wherever they take me, while sharing my perspective on life’s daily dramas. My stories are candid insights into my personal life – all driven by an over-active inner monologue, inspiration bubbles up unexpectedly through streams in distinct bursts.

Bumps, bruises, success, and failures are essential ingredients in a good story. We learn from some, laugh at others or merely shake our heads with disbelief. Family, friends and peers call me honest, blunt and/or guileless. In order to remain true to my authentic self, I hold nothing back as I engage through story telling.

Lover of lobster, falsies, lip-gloss, and glitter, I am an MBA, entrepreneur, customer experience fanatic, serial leader, and mermaid (I double-dog dare you to say that 3 times fast) living in Reno, Nevada. I am the real deal as life is too short to waste being phony. Treasuring the ridiculous, I am not afraid to make a complete fool of myself. I want it all and refuse to wait for a reason to celebrate.

The inspiration for many posts stem from my passion for customer experience and leadership. Since my preferred method of communication is through stories, I relate business through personal candor. There is much one can learn about business practices from observing everyday life.

As a customer experience junkie, part of my value lies in the ability to speak and connect with just about anyone. Through these connections, I listen to others, always doing my best to make a difference in their lives on some level. My ultimate goal is to engage in dialogues and discussions through experiences and sharing of our personal anecdotes.

I am on a journey, and I hope you will follow my thoughts and share your conscious streams with me.  I don’t want to talk at you, but with you. In that dialogues are more fun than lectures, I’m looking forward to our conversations.

** What exactly is “streams of consciousness?”**

Streams of consciousness: A narrative technique that gives the impression of a mind at work, jumping from one observation, sensation, or reflection to the next. These varied elements are usually expressed in a flow of words without conventional transitions.

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